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Under Craig's leadership and full time commitment, NxGen has continued its strategic objectives of defining a niche within the competitive aftermarket performance arena. Some of NxGen's exclusive agencies include:



HKS is well known to any self respecting Japanese performance car follower and is one of only two Japanese tuning companies listed on the Nikkei, Japan's stock exchange. HKS is responsible for many of the quickest and most powerful modified cars in the world. We are very proud to have been selected as HKS's sole distributor for South Africa, a proud association we've held for several years now.



We are proud to announce the return of the Mach Series race fuel line of products. Once revered as the most consistent and power making performance fuels on the market for over the past 15 years. Our state of the art blend facility was brought back online December 20th, 2008 when a group of ex-employees from Race fuel company' purchased and took ownership of the Knoll Racing Fuels facility.

Our passion remains constant and products remain true to the reputation, which the mach series fuel line represented for so many years. We are excited to continue this line of stellar products and look forward to doing business, again, with our old marketing partners plus a warm welcome to the new. New name, representing 15 years of quality! Competition Race Fuels Mach Series “Dare To Compete”!!



Air Power Systems is a leading Australian manufacturer of performance bolt-on-turbo-kits. (See the build project for Gary's extreme twin turbo Nissan 350Z project). APS also builds twin turbo kits for Luminas and other vehicles.



Automotosports Inc. was started in Chicago, USA in 2001. Specialising in Mitsubishi Evo tuning, AMS has created, amongst many others, the awesome 1130 AWHP monster EVO (8.56s 1/4mile)



A world leading producer of high performance brake kits, Stoptech is an American company formed in 1999. Products range from OEM replacement rotors to Big Brake Kits for most applications.



Pfitzner Performance Gearbox is an Australian company and a world leader in aftermarket gearbox solutions.



Ecutek is an English based company specializing in OBD tuning solutions for Subarus and Mitsubishis.



NxGen is the South African agency for Dynapak, a New Zealand based company that built and patented the Dynapak, a range of hub dynos. The ability of the Dynapak to apply constant and variable load whilst removing the traction losses typical of a rolling dyno, make Dynapak the professionals' choice with top tuners and race teams alike. Indeed NxGen's dyno is used by several successful professional race teams and has similar accuracy to a professional engine dyno.



One of the latest additions to NxGen's portfolio of agencies, Cosworth requires no introduction. With many years experience in Formula One and having providing engines for homologation specials for various major automotive manufacturers, Cosworth is world renowned for building high performance engines. Cosworth's product range includes individual components, such as pistons, con-rods, bearings etc, and fully built engines.


Other Requirements

Through a global network of business partners, established over many years, NxGen is able to source products and services from many other companies, in addition to those for whom NxGen acts as agent. Generally NxGen is able to source and ship any commercially available component within a few weeks from Japan, America or England to South Africa.


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